Pole Buildings

What is a Pole Building?
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Pole buildings (also known as post buildings) are super versatile structures that use posts that are buried into the ground to provide structural support, unlike a stick frame building in which the concrete foundation supports the structure. They can solve many issues from lack of storage space to keeping livestock secure, like any other building, but pole buildings are more cost-effective and have other advantages.

What makes our pole buildings different?

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Our pole buildings are highly customizable as almost all the materials can be changed to your liking, not to mention our metal siding and roofing come with 21 different color options! However, customization isn’t the only great thing about our post buildings, we have fast crews that typically build your pole building in 1 week or less! Most of our buildings are built with steel trusses, which makes our pole buildings stronger than the competition.

Why a pole building?

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Pole buildings have many advantages over conventional buildings. Pole buildings don’t require a foundation, so the build time will be decreased as you won’t need to build a basement for a foundation. Also, a lack of need for a foundation also means that the building will cost less, building a basement and an underground foundation can get quite expensive. Post buildings are also sturdier than conventional stick-frame buildings. This is because post buildings use posts that are buried and secured into the ground, this allows for more efficient weight transfer than a stick frame building. This also gives the post building higher wind resistance and sturdier hinge joints. The structural integrity of these buildings can ensure the protection of whatever you decide to store, pole buildings are known to withstand mild earthquakes and lateral pressure. Pole buildings are also easily scalable, just by adding more posts you can turn a storage unit into a warehouse! Pole buildings are also highly customizable, we have 21 different colors and many styles for you to choose from!

Pole Building Styles


For farmers and agriculture enthusiasts alike! We have post buildings designed to help make your life easier and increase your efficiency!


If you own a business, we have the essential post buildings for you that will ensure the security and organization of your products and equipment.


We have post buildings designed to help everyday people increase their productivity and overall quality of life.

Service area

We deliver pole barns in Central and Eastern Tennessee, and parts of Southern Kentucky.

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