Pole Barn Upgrades

At Troyer Post Buildings, you can plan on getting a pole barn that reflects both your needs and style preferences. We are dedicated to catering to every need of our customers. Choose your specific, size, doors, wainescoting, and more.


Split Sliding Door

Split Sliding Door = $2,000.00

Solid Sliding Door

Solid Sliding Door = $1,800.00

Increase the space-saving functionality of the building while adding some rustic charm with sliding doors. This feature is ideal for interior design and/or agricultural settings.



Enhance the visual appeal of your pole barn by adding wainscoting. This upgrade also increases the overall value of your pole barn by providing an extra layer of protection to areas especially prone to wear and tear or impact. Choose from any of our color options.

Wainscoting Addition = $6.00 per linear foot


Add a touch of architectural charm and character to your pole barn with a cupola. The aesthetic appeal of a cupola can increase the overall value of your property, making them a smart and stylish investment!

  • 24″ Cupola with weathervane = $775.00
  • 30″ Cupola with weathervane = $900.00
  • 36″ Cupola with weathervane = $1,050.00
  • 48″ Cupola with weathervane = $1,650.00

Metal Gauge

29 Gauge

26 Gauge

26 gauge metal is a thicker, more durable metal option for your new pole barn.
26 Gauge upgrade = $0.50 per square

Post Upgrade

post upgrade

8×8 Post Upgrade

Strengthen the structure of your building by upgrading to 8×8 Pressure Treated Posts.

$150 per post on anything 20’ and under

Post Protectors

Add an extra layer of security around the base of your building by installing post protectors. This upgrade creates a barrier between the soil and the posts, thus improving post longevity.

6×6 = $45.00 per post

8×8 = $58.00 per post

post protector photo

Color Options

Barn Red

Bright Red

Dark Red





Sierra Tan



Pure White

Bone White


Light Gray

Hawaiian Blue

Gallery Blue

Patina Green

Forest Green

County Charcoal



Specialty Colors

Midnight Frost

$0.30 per square foot

Granite Frost

$0.30 per square foot

Copper Metallic

$0.35 per square foot

These choice color options (optimal for wainscoting, corner colors, and more) come with a small upcharge fee.