Affordable Luxury with our Barndominiums
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Make your dream of home ownership a reality without breaking the bank. Our Barndominium models offer an affordable and straightforward way to build your dream home. Explore our Barndos below and begin customizing your dream home today!

Our Models

The Breckenridge

breckenridge 8

$116,500 + delivery and tax


Choose from 21 colors to create your ideal home.


in Cumberland, Fentress, Overton, Putnam, White, and Morgan Counties.

Popular Size

1800 Square Feet


Why Choose a Barndominium?

  1. Simple Construction:
    • Enjoy hassle-free assembly that doesn’t require extensive construction skills or experience.
  2. Barndos Are Less Expensive Than Traditional Houses:
    • Save significantly on construction costs without compromising quality or style.
  3. Quick Build Time:
    • Move into your new home faster. Build your Barndominium in roughly half the time of a traditional home build.
  4. Interior Options:
    • Customize your living space to reflect your unique style and needs, from open layouts to cozy nooks.
  5. Simplicity in Design:
    • Your new home should reflect your unique style and preferences. With the simple design and open layout of barndominiums, you have the creative freedom to customize and decorate the interior in every aspect.

Customer Testimonials

Service area

We deliver Barndominiums in select counties in Tennessee: Only available in Cumberland, Fentress, Overton, Putnam, White, and Morgan Counties.

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