Pole Barn Equipment Sheds

new gray pole barn equipment shed with snoot truss

Can you imagine losing your hard-earned equipment to a storm? We know that it’s difficult losing expensive equipment, especially if the loss was preventable. So let us help you, as we’ve been doing since 2014! You deserve peace of mind over the safety of your belongings. After all, you have other things to worry about. Choose from our wide variety of pole barn equipment sheds and our team will handle the rest! Our equipment sheds are three-sided buildings with a single sloped roof, along with a snoot truss for added weather protection, as shown above.

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Dimensions

  • Up to 100’ wide in 2’ increments (for clear span)
  • Width is 36’ on a Single Slope
  • Up to 60’ wide in 2’ increments
  • No wooden Single Slope
  • No specified limit, in 10’ or 12’ increments
Popular Sizes
  • 30×40
  • 40×40
  • 40×50

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Prices


  • 1 – 30′ side
  • 2 – 40′ sides
  • 10′-16′ tall


+ Shipping & Tax


  • 3 sided
  • Open gable
  • 10′-16′ tall


+ Shipping & Tax


  • 2 – 50′ sides
  • 1 – 40′ side
  • 12′-16′ tall


+ Shipping & Tax

*Note: These are average prices, as all buildings are custom-built, prices may vary.

pole barn equipment shed gray with blue sky and trees

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Features

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Trusses

Wood Trusses
  • 2x10 or 2x12 header board and 2’, 4’, or 5’ truss spacing
  • 2x4s laid flat, fastened with nails every 2'
  • Maximum width of 60’
Metal Trusses
  • Steel trusses lag straight to the post with no header and 10’-12’ spacing
  • 2x6s on edge, fastened with screws every 2’
  • Maximum clear span width of 100’
  • Difficult for birds to nest on
  • 18” standard overhang
  • Faster install
  • Stronger than wood

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Framing

  • Steel Trusses: 2x6s on edge; every 2’ up the truss; screwed
  • Wood Trusses: 2x4s on the flat; every 2’ up the truss; nailed
  • Snoot Truss: Adds an overhang on the front of the building to help protect from weather blowing in.

Y-Bracing is available; if not enclosed

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Siding & Trim

Choose from one of our 24 different colors to add some life to your equipment shed!

  • We use 2x6 horizontal girts (also known as “lath”) for our pole barn equipment shed walls (if enclosed). The bottom board is always pressure-treated for weather resistance.
Metal walls
  • 29 gauge
  • Wainscoting available
  • 24 different colored pre-painted metal walls
  • 29-gauge metal; available in 24 colors
  • Soffit and fascia (For wood trusses only)

Pole Barn Equipment Shed Roofing

  • 29 gauge is standard
  • 26 gauge is available as an upgrade; provides hail protection; good for spray foam and other insulations.
  • Galvalume (25-year warranty; cheaper option)
  • Painted (40-year warranty; 24 colors; more expensive option)
Ridge cap
  • Typically open for venting; can be closed with closure strips
Drip Edge
  • Used on fully enclosed with no overhangs
  • Overhang with soffit and fascia
PC2 (Steel trusses only)
  • A piece of trim that covers your bottom eve board to protect it from the weather.

Service area

We deliver pole barn equipment sheds in Central and Eastern Tennessee, and parts of Southern Kentucky.

troyer tennessee pole buildings location map