Pole Barn Lean-to Sheds

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Don’t you hate leaving your tractor or trailer out to soak in the rain? We know it can be difficult to work in a wet vehicle or have your equipment rust from the rain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use a lean-to shed to store your vehicles or as a general storage space. Here at Troyer Post Buildings, over the years, we’ve built many lean-to sheds for people like you. Let us help you so you can focus on the things that matter the most. Just customize your lean-to shed to your liking and we will handle the rest and keep you updated every step of the way. We design pole barn lean-to sheds with steel trusses for increased strength. Often, lean-to sheds will be attached to an enclosed building to park tractors, trailers, and store equipment.

Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Dimensions

  • Up to 36’ wide in 2’ increments (for clear span)
  • Up to 18’ wide in 2’ increments
  • No specified limit, in 10’ or 12’ increments
Popular Sizes
  • 14′ wide
  • 16′ wide
  • 24′ wide

Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Prices

Pricing for these buildings is dependent on many factors, please request a quote for an estimate.

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Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Features

Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Trusses/Rafters

Wood Rafters
  • 2x6-2x10 rafters are 2’ on-center
  • Maximum width of 18’
Metal Trusses
  • Steel trusses lag straight to the post with no header and 10’-12’ spacing
  • 2x6s on edge, fastened with screws every 2’
  • Maximum clear span width of 36’
  • Difficult for birds to nest on
  • Faster install
  • Stronger than wood

Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Framing

  • Steel Trusses: 2x6s on edge; every 2’ up the truss; screwed
  • Wood Trusses: 2x4s on the flat; every 2’ up the truss; nailed

Y-Bracing is available; if not enclosed

Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Siding & Trim

Choose from one of our 24 different colors to add some life to your lean-to shed!

  • We use 2x6 horizontal girts (also known as “lath”) for our pole barn lean-to shed walls (if enclosed). The bottom board is always pressure-treated for weather resistance.
Metal walls
  • 29 gauge
  • Wainscoting available
  • 24 different colored pre-painted metal walls
  • 29-gauge metal; available in 24 colors
  • Soffit and fascia (For wood trusses only)

Pole Barn Lean-to Shed Roofing

  • 29 gauge is standard
  • 26 gauge is available as an upgrade; provides hail protection; good for spray foam and other insulations.
  • Galvalume (25-year warranty; cheaper option)
  • Painted (40-year warranty; 24 colors; more expensive option)
Ridge cap
  • Typically open for venting; can be closed with closure strips
Drip Edge
  • Used on fully enclosed buildings with no overhangs
  • Overhang with soffit and fascia
PC2 (Steel trusses only)
  • A piece of trim that covers your bottom eve board to protect it from the weather.

Service area

We deliver pole barn lean-to sheds in Central and Eastern Tennessee, and parts of Southern Kentucky.

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