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Custom Commercial Buildings

Buildings - Commercial

Whatever type of building you need, we have you covered. See a few common types of buildings we make below.


RV/Boat Storage

Above we have an example of the style of storage unit we have built, but we would be happy to work with you for your situation
--We don't install garage doors or concrete.--


Riding Arena

Our riding arenas our built with engineered steel trusses, 8x8 posts with the option to upgrade to 10x10 posts. With the maximum width of 100' and the length of you choose.



Commercial Style Garage

Commercial Style Garage - Our most popular enclosed building is our commercial style garage, it is the most economical option with steel trusses with no overhangs. It is a simple building meeting your needs to store stuff, or a space to work.
--We don't install garage doors or concrete.--

Commercial Gallery

See below examples of our most recent buildings:


Our metal comes in your choice of 21 different colors:

Due to differences in display monitors the colors on your screen may NOT be accurate representations of the actual product. If you would like to see a sample of any product shown, please call us at: (931) 839-6771

Pure White

Bone White

Light Gray


County Charcoal

Dark Red




Sierra Tan

Copper Metallic



Bright Red

Barn Red


Forest Green

Hawaiian Blue

Gallery Blue


Custom Structures

All of our buildings are fully customizable, with just a few of our options listed below.

Width, Length & Height

You can Customize The Width, Length & Height. Though there are certain sizes that are more Cost Effective


Choose how many walls you want, One, two, three, or all four of them and fully enclose it.

Standard spacing of the wall purlins is 3'.

There is the option to add Wainscoting (which is typically a 3' piece of metal at the bottom of a different color.)


Choose how many doors, garage door openings, and windows you would like.

We offer a standard solid entry door and steel 9 light door.
We also offer Standard 3x3 windows and 3x4 windows. With the option to install windows or door provided by customer

We will trim out the openings for garage doors but do not install them

We also have the option of a barn sliding door but they generally are close to the same price as a garage door


Fourth Option

Our metal comes for your choice of 21 different colors, it comes standard in a #1 29 Gauge withe the option to upgrade to #1 26 gauge.

And More...

Looking for something not listed above? Get in touch with us, and we will work with you to create the building you want.

Contact us by phone or email: (931) 839-6771 | sales@troyerpost.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Try Your Hand At Mocking Up a Building